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If it doesn’t matter, why does it matter so much to you?

Apparently, Richard Dawkins is engaging in a campaign to publicly shame certain preacher types who have been, shall we say, “blessed abundantly.”  He and another atheist activist are collecting photos of minister’s houses for a “documentary.” As Moe said: “Dawkins … Continue reading

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Okay Mr. Smith, I’ll take the bait.

This just begs for shameless Rule 2 link-pimping, especially since two of the links are back Rule 2 Master Stacy McCain.  Blog-sidekick Smitty posts a link extolling Headline Juxtaposition, and I simply must take him up on that regarding a … Continue reading

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Slow News Week.

All my news sites are covering the political conventions, from which I am detox-ing myself as a recovering political junkie.

So, I leave you with some friends of mine in a short video project I did last spring, playing the best board game ever.

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Not just any “Christ Didn’t Die” conspiracy.

Again with the Japanese this week, they have fascinating takes on religion as well.  While there have been claims that Jesus never died/resurrected ever SINCE he was reported as dead/resurrected, I don’t think I ever heard he was a world … Continue reading

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What I Love About the East-Asian cultures.

If something is worth doing, they refine it into an art. Warfare?  Karate and all it’s related marital *arts*.  Even something simple like Tea has it’s own elaborate tea service ceremonies. Japan seems to have declared kittehs Something Worth Doing. ” The … Continue reading

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On lingo.

[Hopefully, I can upload a video blog of this in illustration of the point, and also as a video project 😀 ] In a conversation with my English-er cousin, we contemplated communications and media and what’s new and/or good.  We … Continue reading

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UnDead Ends

An entire world awaits those willing to venture beyond the faded pavement into the forest beyond.  What adventures wait outside the steel and fiberglass bubble?  I know somewhere in the distance lies a river, and between us a hillside sloping … Continue reading

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