If it doesn’t matter, why does it matter so much to you?

Apparently, Richard Dawkins is engaging in a campaign to publicly shame certain preacher types who have been, shall we say, “blessed abundantly.”  He and another atheist activist are collecting photos of minister’s houses for a “documentary.” As Moe said:

“Dawkins isn’t really an atheist.  Nobody sane would spend this much time hating Something that they don’t actually believe.”

But lets be honest:  Activist Atheism is, sociologically, it’s own religion.  There is no god but human Reason and these dudes are it’s Prophets;  With the exception of an irrational paranoia of anything “religious,” in public discourse.  The definition of “religious” is, of course only to be determined by them at whatever moment they so choose to object.  For people who list hateful intimidation as an objection to religion, they seem to be fairly religious by their own definition.


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