What I Love About the East-Asian cultures.

If something is worth doing, they refine it into an art.

Warfare?  Karate and all it’s related marital *arts*.  Even something simple like Tea has it’s own elaborate tea service ceremonies.

Japan seems to have declared kittehs Something Worth Doing.

” The setup is this: You walk in, pay 1,000 yen, or about $12, for an hour (which includes one drink)….sit down, pick up a toy, and wait for the cats, who, needless to say, want absolutely nothing to do with you.”

Not that Americans disagree, declaring the same in their own way:

“the Cheezburger Network raised $30 million last year in venture funding, and the Bible has been translated into Lolcat”

I’d be cruel if I didn’t include some…..research:

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