Phineas Gage called…

He want’s his steel rod that went through his brain back.  From BRAZIL:

“Luiz Alexandre Essinger, chief of staff at the Miguel Couto hospital, said Mr Leite was conscious when he arrived there and explained what had happened to him.”

This sounds remarkably similar to the Gage case where

Amazingly, Gage spoke within a few minutes, walked with little or no assistance, and sat upright in a cart for the 34-mile (1.2 km) ride to his lodgings in town. The first physician to arrive was Dr. Edward H. Williams:

I first noticed the wound upon the head before I alighted from my carriage, the pulsations of the brain being very distinct. Mr. Gage, during the time I was examining this wound, was relating the manner in which he was injured to the bystanders. I did not believe Mr. Gage’s statement at that time, but thought he was deceived. Mr. Gage persisted in saying that the bar went through his head …. Mr. G. got up and vomited; the effort of vomit­ing pressed out about half a teacupful of the brain, which fell upon the floor.[5]“”

So two men not only survive poles through the head that ostensibly should have killed them, but they both are functional enough through the pain to relate their own version of events for the immediately attending physicians.  One of them vomits braaaains.  Clearly this is a trial for the coming zombie apocalypse.

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