A genetics book(natch) has been successfully encoded and decoded with DNA strands.  I for one, welcome our new cyborg overlords ;-).

“The cost of both synthesis and sequencing [of DNA] are plummeting in an unprecedented way,” Dr. Church said.

Already, the production costs of generating raw, unassembled DNA sequence data, such as might be used to archive data, have dropped from $10,000 per million base pairs of DNA in 2001 to about 10 cents per million base pairs in 2012, according to the National Human Genome Institute.

The amount of data was still only equivalent to an old 3.5in. floppy, but it’s progress.  I’m just wondering how regular access and reproduction of this will go down.  Will we have librarian Amoebas, able to divide-and-clone as a method of publishing?  Could secret agents smuggle secrets by growing specially grown mold?  Life just got more interesting.

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