Every time I venture out to debate…

[UPDATE: link redirected, as per Ms. Yockey’s request.  Also, the whole sentiment goes for any side in a debate when the symptomatic action are a greater priority than the underlying personal motivations.]

I get the feeling that most people don’t so much mind being lied to as being lied to poorly.  In a response to a Moe Lane post, Cynthia Yockey of “AConservativeLesbian.com” commented:

“Basically, even though scared people stick to their positions ever more adamantly, almost everyone on the Right tries to change them by scaring them more. They are doing it wrong, which is why it’s not working.”

The broader western culture has lost most sense of shame for quite some time, under the guise of “Tolerence” whatever that means.  The only exception is when those who are perceived as “Intolerance” and “Hate” have actual intolerant hate thrown back in their faces.  “Tolerance” on either side usually ends up meaning “agreeing with me.”

Back to the premise.  We’ve come to the point where half-assed lip service is preferred to honest examination because we don’t like being challenged.  Who needs truth?  It’s too depressing, so do life for the now.  Eat, Drink, and Be Merry, for Tomorrow We May Die.  OR in internet meme terms:

So much that I just don’t know yet…

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5 Responses to Every time I venture out to debate…

  1. I gather you have never had to make a living selling anything, so you didn’t understand what I wrote about answering objections. There are a lot of people on the Left who just need to see their way clear to understanding how fiscal conservatism will prosper them. Abusing them makes them cling to their exploiters. Showing them the way to fulfill their aspirations by answering their objections persuades them to become fiscal conservatives.

  2. P.S.
    I’m not going to approve your trackback because you linked it to my “About” page, making it spam. Change your link to a relevant post and I will approve it.

  3. Robbins says:

    Thanks for the reply! I have spent much of my short employed life(I’m only 26) in retail, which has not served to build any faith in the human race. But, your point about persuading those who *can* be persuaded is well taken.

    Also, Link fixed to your post on Bullying.

  4. Steve Robbins says:

    How about cleaning up some of the language in this post.

  5. Robbins says:

    I’m asking serious questions here. If language is your only concern, you’ve just illustrated my point beautifuly.

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