Time To Get This Thing Going Again / Thing of the Day 6/13/12

{UPDATE 7/31  Here’s the final product.  Simple, yet elegant.}

Here I go again.  I have a gig at a local convenience store now, until I finishing up my TV Production degree in December. Meanwhile, I’m doing a freelance promo video for Bearin’s by Brian Robbins [no relation, actually, but the publisher, Janet Robbins, is my second cousin.]

The current apartment, the Dude Loft, has no internet as yet, so this project will be revived in the corner at Tim Horton’s and the public library.  I arrived here from Outpost Whitaker North via Carnival Cruise ship stowage and Gramma’s basement. Its an improvement over the later two but dinky like The Armory of long ago.  Also like The Armory, less space than the Whitaker is evened out by proximity to work and classes.

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