Wisdom from a friend.

A co-worker shared this with me, after I shared a with him a frustrating situation I’m in.  In trying to avoid repeating a past mistake, I took an action but am not sure if my trying to fix things made them better or worse.

He told me God is like a parent with a child and a series of broken toys.  Often, the Father will let His child “help” fix the toy, to teach him or to make him feel better.  Other times, the child’s attempt at “helping” just gets in the way, and the Father has to send him away for a bit forcing him to trust his Father with the toy. [limited analogy alert: situations are not toys, but people are children.  Even the adults: they’re just bigger]

God is still in control.  Now for waiting to hear if He’s fixed things.  He’s really driving the “patience” and “perseverance” thing this month.  The car, the piles of Homework, the aforementioned thing.

I also just noticed something weird.  Three times, now I’ve started a blog journal sort of thing, and three times now I’ve found myself in eerily familiar stupid situations of my own responsibility.  The past two projects were subsequently abandoned.  This one is not over yet, and wasn’t even totally suppressed by the car thing.  Hope remains.  Faith and Love may still be around here somewhere……

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