Real life, meet blogging.

Well the car wreck is getting sorted out, but it totally wrecked my interest in writing last week. But, it’s pretty pathetic since all I promised as a goal was a three sentence paragraph and a link. My spiritual life also has not been up to anything worth posting, meaning non existent. But enough of complaining. It matters more how often I gut up after falling down.  The car is just about sorted out and I’m lined up for a real job.  School is fun, and I’m not sick(er than usual) anymore.  I’ll work in today’s link with a philosophical thought:

Wednesday Bible study was on surrendering to the Holy Spirit, which I suck at.  I once argued with a Mennonite friend of mine that the Gospel is not a “suicide pact.”  That statment is so wrong, but not for the reasons I was arguing(non-pacifism): you can’t commit suicide if you’re already dead, which we are.  Quite dead.   Sin makes me feel dead and I then engage in more deadly activity to distract me from that nagging sensation of un-life.  It’s a vicious circle when I’m not paying attention.

We died with Christ on the cross, or were supposed to before God decided be His awsome merciful self.  Fortunately, Christ has the power to come back from that sort of thing.  He proved it by not only raising a bunch of other people from the dead(It had been done before.  Old news really.), He raised HIMSELF from the dead(*Booyah!*).  So the only way out of death is surrendering to his power to animate us, through the action of His Holy Spirit.  I could say it’s not my life anymore, but it never really was.  The real battle is admitting it.

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