Oxymoron of the Day: Organized Riots

Weird, but encouraging.  Seems many of the revolutionaries aren’t biting off more than they can chew. Amid concern that the Anti-semite Muslim Brotherhood would co-opt the entire operation and cancel the peace treaty with Israel, Israel is not a central focus here.(H/t Instapundit)   Not Israeli and other foreign visitors anyway.  For all the foreign meddling in the Middle East, these protesters seem to know on which side their bread is buttered.

“The attitude towards us as Israelis and tourist is very friendly. Actually, they’re overly nice compared to my previous visits in Egypt. The Egyptians want to explain themselves, to tell everyone about their struggle. They speak Arabic over here so it’s easy to communicate with them. On Friday we went right past the demonstrations on our way back from the pyramids, and people helped us get though the crowd.”


There is also a keen awareness of effective peacefull-as-possible protest.  They’ve been chain-emailing a whole friggin’ Protest Manual, with clearly stated goals and simple, practicable methods.  These guys are good.

Okay, “Freedom,” “Justice,” and “constructive administration” are on the vague side, but replacement of Mubarak & Co.’s government and Emergency Law powers with a non-military democratic government are excellent points to shoot for.  And the standards for crowd assembly and protective attire are well thought out, yet relatively unprovocative as revolutionaries go.

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