Thingy of the Day: 1/29/11 Edititon: Typing Into the Void

(H/t Ace of SpadesHQ newsblurb sidebar)

The Egyptian government doesn’t like the internet organizing a revolution, so they just turned it off. Or, tried to anyway.  That’s the beauty of the internet:  you can’t just pull a plug without disrupting a lot of other things, making such actions counter productive.   The Egyptian Stock Exchange’s ISP did *not* get shut down, and it appears the land-line phones remain operational allowing the miracle of Dial-up to remain useful to protesters.

Still, it’s such a simple idea, why hasn’t anyone else thought of it before? Oh, wait. Congress beat the Egyptian thugocracy to it:

The President would be able to be able to control those systems. He or she would have ability to turn them off. The kicker: none of this would be subject to judicial review. This is just a proposal[by Sens. Liberman(D-Conn) and Collins(R-Maine)], mind you, but it certainly warrants concern. Particularly given the heavy-handed example being provided by Egypt.

–PC Magazine

Yes, one of those is MY senator.  I haven’t had the chance to vote against her yet.

The same president claimed in last week’s State of the Union speech that such great innovations as computer chips and the internet were government successes.  He neglected to mention that wide, civilization-altering success only came after these systems were released to the private sector.  Returning them to state control, beyond the president’s predictable reflex for consolidation, seems counterintuitive to the results.

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