What I hope to do here.

They say writing is one of those things that takes practice. I’m not sure who all “they” are, beyond every english professor I’ve ever had. This blog will be a place to just think out loud, which hopefully will encourage more all around thinking, whether it be about God or people or whatever geeky interest I happen across at the time or some combination of those.

I need to spend more time in prayer and Bible study, so this will probably be an outlet for those thoughts as I wrestle with my own sense of (im?)morality and grace.

I also have an interest in odd things, politics and current events. Most of this material I would post to my Facebook wall as well for friends to see, but there are some things that seem inappropriate for such an informal toss out. This blog will be an outlet for those as well.


The Goal: At least one paragraph of at least three sentences and one “link of interest” per day for the next month. That seems a reasonable amount of time to take to see if this is worth the trouble, blood, toil, sweat and tears. But for the next month, I shall blog them on the beaches….I shall blog them in the hills. I shall never surrender! Well, not for a month.

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One Response to What I hope to do here.

  1. This is the fourth blog post, of urs I really went through.
    However I personally like this specific one, “What I hope to do here.
    | RobbinsBlog” the best. Regards -Kristal

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