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One of *those* Mondays

Lots happened today.  So much that I’ll only manage my projec-minimum blurb-of-the-day tonight, but here’s the run down: –Egypt is still teetering on the brink of who knows what.  Some claim that a tin-pot dictator is beter than the radical … Continue reading

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Oxymoron of the Day: Organized Riots

Weird, but encouraging.  Seems many of the revolutionaries aren’t biting off more than they can chew. Amid concern that the Anti-semite Muslim Brotherhood would co-opt the entire operation and cancel the peace treaty with Israel, Israel is not a central … Continue reading

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Mountain, Meet Molehill.

Somali freedom advocate Ayaan Hirsi Al on restricting certain religious movements and not others, even though those others are more likely to kill you: (h/t TheOtherMcCain) “I’m not being rightwing. The people who believe themselves to be on the left, … Continue reading

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Thingy of the Day: 1/29/11 Edititon: Typing Into the Void

(H/t Ace of SpadesHQ newsblurb sidebar) The Egyptian government doesn’t like the internet organizing a revolution, so they just turned it off. Or, tried to anyway.  That’s the beauty of the internet:  you can’t just pull a plug without disrupting a … Continue reading

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Thingy of the Day: 1/28/11 Edition!

Summary: Mongols invasions not so bad after all. Rehabilitation earned with unintended ecological perks of genocide and other measures against the virus upon the earth that is non stone-age humanity. The Mother Nature Network, and have posts extolling Genghis … Continue reading

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What I hope to do here.

They say writing is one of those things that takes practice. I’m not sure who all “they” are, beyond every english professor I’ve ever had. This blog will be a place to just think out loud, which hopefully will encourage … Continue reading

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