If it doesn’t matter, why does it matter so much to you?

Apparently, Richard Dawkins is engaging in a campaign to publicly shame certain preacher types who have been, shall we say, “blessed abundantly.”  He and another atheist activist are collecting photos of minister’s houses for a “documentary.” As Moe said:

“Dawkins isn’t really an atheist.  Nobody sane would spend this much time hating Something that they don’t actually believe.”

But lets be honest:  Activist Atheism is, sociologically, it’s own religion.  There is no god but human Reason and these dudes are it’s Prophets;  With the exception of an irrational paranoia of anything “religious,” in public discourse.  The definition of “religious” is, of course only to be determined by them at whatever moment they so choose to object.  For people who list hateful intimidation as an objection to religion, they seem to be fairly religious by their own definition.


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Okay Mr. Smith, I’ll take the bait.

This just begs for shameless Rule 2 link-pimping, especially since two of the links are back Rule 2 Master Stacy McCain.  Blog-sidekick Smitty posts a link extolling Headline Juxtaposition, and I simply must take him up on that regarding a story they posted right below that one:



Except for the actual Democratic convention, apparently.  The politicians here don’t know  who to pander to, even editing out the name of their host stadium, because Bank of America is still an Official Ememy of Teh People(or something).

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Slow News Week.

All my news sites are covering the political conventions, from which I am detox-ing myself as a recovering political junkie.

So, I leave you with some friends of mine in a short video project I did last spring, playing the best board game ever.

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Not just any “Christ Didn’t Die” conspiracy.

Again with the Japanese this week, they have fascinating takes on religion as well.  While there have been claims that Jesus never died/resurrected ever SINCE he was reported as dead/resurrected, I don’t think I ever heard he was a world traveler before.  The anthropology on this would be fascinating, since there is such a miniscule Christian presence in that country. But that wasn’t always so: the Portuguese were very evangelistic before the shoguns closed the country to the West and massacred the hundreds of thousands of Japanese Christians as traitors.  Maybe this is one of the things that survived from that time and was corrupted as legends and myths often are.

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What I Love About the East-Asian cultures.

If something is worth doing, they refine it into an art.

Warfare?  Karate and all it’s related marital *arts*.  Even something simple like Tea has it’s own elaborate tea service ceremonies.

Japan seems to have declared kittehs Something Worth Doing.

” The setup is this: You walk in, pay 1,000 yen, or about $12, for an hour (which includes one drink)….sit down, pick up a toy, and wait for the cats, who, needless to say, want absolutely nothing to do with you.”

Not that Americans disagree, declaring the same in their own way:

“the Cheezburger Network raised $30 million last year in venture funding, and the Bible has been translated into Lolcat”

I’d be cruel if I didn’t include some…..research:

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On lingo.

[Hopefully, I can upload a video blog of this in illustration of the point, and also as a video project 😀 ]

In a conversation with my English-er cousin, we contemplated communications and media and what’s new and/or good.  We both agreed that social media is overrated to some extent, especially when it cuts into literal physical interaction[says the guy blogging instead of visiting at his grandparents’ house].  But her preferred medium is text and letters, which struck me as odd for one who eschews social media, which is in large part text-based.  The only exemption I realized later is social video, like Youtube, where the so much more of the english language can be expressed.

English is an vast ocean with entire worlds of subtext and undiscovered species of nonverbal gestures, above which the rolling waves of text, while impressive, pale in comparison.  Not that words aren’t vital.  I’m writing these thoughts down  to give my broader thoughts structure;  A skeleton to be animated later with muscles of inflection, sinews of reflex, actions with reaction.  Some like my cousin may better make words sing, and some like myself better sing with words[okay she sings very nicely too, but that’s not the point].

She will be half way across the world in England, which brings me to my second thought.  I’ve long considered finding some friend with whom to practice the old art of correspondence, just to keep my mind fresh.  When you sand you enjoyed the epistolary style[that *is* fancy-lingo for “letter writing”] I rejoiced inwardly.  However, since mail is to slow for the four months you’ll be there, and we both disdain textual social media maybe it would be worth trying something like VlogBrothers.  Hank and John Green[an author she may be familiar with] began writing to each other several years ago with videos rather than text, and have done quite well for themselves since.  I may just do it to build my video chops.

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UnDead Ends

An entire world awaits those willing to venture beyond the faded pavement into the forest beyond.  What adventures wait outside the steel and fiberglass bubble?  I know somewhere in the distance lies a river, and between us a hillside sloping towards it’s shore.  Another road may pass that way as well, the new path to which may link neighbors unawares.

It’s only dead if you stay in the bloody car.
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